The Office Delray

The Office Delray ( is a place where whimsy and gastronomical delights go hand in hand. We are the modern American gastropub where our food is just as important as our drinks - consider us a comfortable limbo between bar & restaurant.

As a new-aged gastropub established in 2009, The Office concept was inspired by a combination of culinary artistry throughout California, Chicago and New York. From our diverse menu to our quality service, everything we do at The Office is focused on one thing – providing the best restaurant experience possible.

The Office immerses you in the intimate feeling of a mom-and-pop restaurant combined with a modern, spacious setting for an unparalleled dining experience.

When it comes to shortcuts, our philosophy is simple – we don’t take them. Our culinary chefs spend the time and resources needed to ensure that our menu contains only the freshest, top-notch ingredients available and are prepared to order. All of our handcrafted cocktails are made to order and are the freshest you can sip! Our ideology that all of our food and drinks are created equal permeates throughout our unique menu so you can enjoy a balanced selection of both.